Faroo Website and API are UP again! + outlook


After hours of phone calls with the 1und1 hosting company, 4 different 1und1 service people consecutively denied they have a problem and closed the tickets. They said a multi-hour hardware stress test on our server went flawless.

Only after making the issue public on Twitter they had a ticket with a server admin re-opened. Then they localized and fixed a network problem and replaced the server hardware. Now everything is running again.

We are sorry for the problems the API outage has caused with your services.


Currently we are working on a complete new index architecture. It will allow many order of magnitude faster crawling speed and larger index size.
Additionally there will be frequently requested features as HTTPS support, domain filter, more languages and returning result numbers>100.

Here are some of the advanced query operators which will be supported:

  • “” (Phrase)
  • – (NOT)
  • intitle:, allintitle:
  • intext:, allintext:
  • inurl:, allinurl:
  • site:

There will be a second API to create a Search Engine as a Service, where you can have your own content indexed and searched. This will include an very fast approximate/fuzzy search option.

Update on the Faroo website and API service interruption.

Update: Faroo website and API are up again!

Both Faroo website (www.faroo.com) and API are unavailable since 26/05/2016 03:26:05. We are working to fix it.

The server is up, but not reachable from internet, even if booted from a fresh rescue OS with default configuration. Therefore we suspect there is a problem with the network, network adapter, hardware firewall or IP filtering.

After hours on the phone with their support staff our hosting company 1und1 was not yet able to fix the problem. They agreed to reopen a ticket for their server admins and keep us updated.

Currently it does not look like a quick fix, but setting up the whole system from scratch at a different hosting company.

Visit https://twitter.com/faroo_p2p for updates.

We are aware that the API outage is affecting both you and your users and we are working to resolve the issue and bring the service back on as soon as possible.

How 1000 Apps are using the FAROO Search API

During the last 9 months more than 1000 companies and developers subscribed to our API, with more than 100 new applications every month.

API subscriptions

Today we want to share what are the typical use cases for our search API:




An interesting discovery is the fact that our search API is mainly used to data mine the big data of the web, instead of plain web search.

We turn the whole web into a giant database which is queried and analyzed by AI services, Data mining and Business intelligence applications. Big data becomes accessible and can be queried within milliseconds. Apps save the lead time for crawling the vast amount of pages themselves.

FAROO introduces API keys

keyWith 1 million free queries per months we offer a really ample API rate limit. Three orders of magnitude of what the incumbents provide.

But some users still use multiple servers, fake user agents & referers to circumvent the already generous rate limit. Unfortunately it seems that abuse is proportional to freedom and goodwill. This is not only unfair, but also impacts reliability, performance and long term perspective of our free service for all users.

While the API stays free, from 1. July 2013 we are introducing API keys for better service protection. The new API key registration adds an extra step before using the API, but it offers also some benefits:

  • Better prevention of API abuse, ensuring a reliable service for everyone.
  • We can inform you whenever the API is about to change.
  • We can inform you when you are exceeding the rate limit, instead of blocking.
  • We can inform you about syntax or encoding problems of your query.
  • As reference for support requests.

If your application is using the FAROO API, and you do not have an API key yet, please register as soon as possible to ensure an uninterrupted service.

We hope you continue to enjoy our API and build the search you want!