Faroo Website and API are UP again! + outlook


After hours of phone calls with the 1und1 hosting company, 4 different 1und1 service people consecutively denied they have a problem and closed the tickets. They said a multi-hour hardware stress test on our server went flawless.

Only after making the issue public on Twitter they had a ticket with a server admin re-opened. Then they localized and fixed a network problem and replaced the server hardware. Now everything is running again.

We are sorry for the problems the API outage has caused with your services.


Currently we are working on a complete new index architecture. It will allow many order of magnitude faster crawling speed and larger index size.
Additionally there will be frequently requested features as HTTPS support, domain filter, more languages and returning result numbers>100.

Here are some of the advanced query operators which will be supported:

  • “” (Phrase)
  • – (NOT)
  • intitle:, allintitle:
  • intext:, allintext:
  • inurl:, allinurl:
  • site:

There will be a second API to create a Search Engine as a Service, where you can have your own content indexed and searched. This will include an very fast approximate/fuzzy search option.