Update on the Faroo website and API service interruption.

Update: Faroo website and API are up again!

Both Faroo website (www.faroo.com) and API are unavailable since 26/05/2016 03:26:05. We are working to fix it.

The server is up, but not reachable from internet, even if booted from a fresh rescue OS with default configuration. Therefore we suspect there is a problem with the network, network adapter, hardware firewall or IP filtering.

After hours on the phone with their support staff our hosting company 1und1 was not yet able to fix the problem. They agreed to reopen a ticket for their server admins and keep us updated.

Currently it does not look like a quick fix, but setting up the whole system from scratch at a different hosting company.

Visit https://twitter.com/faroo_p2p for updates.

We are aware that the API outage is affecting both you and your users and we are working to resolve the issue and bring the service back on as soon as possible.