FAROO introduces API keys

keyWith 1 million free queries per months we offer a really ample API rate limit. Three orders of magnitude of what the incumbents provide.

But some users still use multiple servers, fake user agents & referers to circumvent the already generous rate limit. Unfortunately it seems that abuse is proportional to freedom and goodwill. This is not only unfair, but also impacts reliability, performance and long term perspective of our free service for all users.

While the API stays free, from 1. July 2013 we are introducing API keys for better service protection. The new API key registration adds an extra step before using the API, but it offers also some benefits:

  • Better prevention of API abuse, ensuring a reliable service for everyone.
  • We can inform you whenever the API is about to change.
  • We can inform you when you are exceeding the rate limit, instead of blocking.
  • We can inform you about syntax or encoding problems of your query.
  • As reference for support requests.

If your application is using the FAROO API, and you do not have an API key yet, please register as soon as possible to ensure an uninterrupted service.

We hope you continue to enjoy our API and build the search you want!