Spelling correction, Query completion and Instant search

In the previous posts we described our new spelling correction algorithm, announced the release of the c# code as Open Source and presented some pretty compelling benchmark results.

FAROO: Spelling Correction and Query completion

Today we are introducing spelling correction, query completion and an improved instant search as integral part of our FAROO search service:

Spelling correction
For a misspelled term the suggested corrections are displayed in a dropdown list.

Query completion (aka query suggestions, autocomplete)
As you type a dropdown list of popular terms and combinations is displayed, which start with the letters you typed so far.

Improved instant search
Results are automatically displayed for the best suggestion/correction, “Enter” searches always for originally entered term.


Opposite to traditional implementations we are not using a predefined dictionary:

  • The whole web serves as a corpus, from which we automatically derive the spelling and completion dictionary.
  • The dictionary is automatically updated as part of the indexing process and learns new terms as they appear on the web.
  • The whole process is fully automated, no manual auditing steps are involved.

The algorithm is completely language independent (pure statistics, no linguistic knowledge).
Of course corrections and suggestions are given only within the scope of the selected search language.


Try it out at faroo.com