Topic Streams

Most of you know what RSS feeds are. You can subscribe to a site’s RSS feed and you stay updated whenever that site releases a new post.

But what when you are not so much intrested in a specific site, but rather in a topic – let’s say about “Facebook Timeline”? Then you would have to subscribe to countless technolgy blogs, and to browse their countless blog posts, perhaps several times a day.

With our Topic Stream you can create your custom, topic based RSS stream. It will aggregate all blog posts about a specific topic from all the diffferent sources we are indexing. That’s convenient.
Even better, you can use your preferred RSS client or Google reader to read all of your topic streams in one place, together with some traditional RSS feeds you may still want to read.

Here an the “Facebook Timeline” example:

Topic Stream
RSS Feed
Google Reader

Topic Aggregation

Today we are introducing two new functions: Trending Topic Discovery and Topic Aggregation.

Trending Topic Discovery identifies those news, which are covered most often in the last 24 hours. This gives you a clear picture what news are trending and will be talk of the town. Most discussed news are on top.

Topic Aggregation brings all the news from different sources together, if they belong to the same topic. News within a topic are sorted chronlogically.

Trending Topic Discovery and Topic Aggregation together provide a convenient news digest, samewhat similar to Techmeme, just fully algorithmical, without human editors.

Your stay above the information overflow. Instead of browsing all the countless sources manually and repeatedly to stay updated, being overwhelmed with both repeating topics, and many less-relevant items, we filter, group and sort the information for you.

See it in action:


You asked, and we listened: Today we are introducing our new API.

Use our results in your application, for free.

We are offering four different functions:

  • Web Search,
  • News Search,
  • Trending News
  • Trending Topics

Results are available in three different formats:

  • JSON
  • XML
  • RSS

Try our FREE Web Search API, if your looking for an alternative to
Google Web Search API (depreciated), Yahoo Boss (commercial) or Bing Web Search API (commercial).

Start using it:

You want to use the API in China? We have both Chinese search results and gateway servers located in China. Contact us!