No Limits – FAROO iPad / iPhone App v2.0

After 6 months and some incremental updates, we just finished our next major release, with many improvements and new features you will love.

Well, this is not merely an update, it’s rather a complete rewrite. Based on a new flexible architecture all of the previous limitations are gone.

While some of the better newsreaders for iOS are able to provide a dozen sources per page, we decided to remove all those limitations once and for all, both for iPhone and iPad.

The FAROO App now supports an unlimited number of feeds. The animation stays smooth as ever.

But thats not all. Here the complete list of the improvements:

  1. New architecture allows an unlimited number of streams and items per stream.
  2. New Google Reader Synchronization.
  3. New Archive function which allows to store articles for later reading.
  4. New RSS Feed search assistant to search for new feeds by person, topic or blog.
  5. New georgeous animated front page.
  6. New sleek animated transition between stream view and text view.
  7. New central menu for the new functions.
  8. New help function.

As always, this is an Universal App, running both on the iPhone and the iPad. And it is FREE. Get it from the AppStore right now.