New FAROO iPad / iPhone App

Today we are launching our new iOS App, a fresh and visual take on Search & News.

This is an Universal App, running both on the iPhone and the iPad. And it is FREE. Get it from the AppStore right now.

What’s unique

  1. First Web Search App written natively for the iPad .
  2. Combines active Search and passive News discovery (News reader).
  3. Integrated Text Preview eliminates the web page loading time, provides a uniform design across pages and serves as offline reader.
  4. Visual Search Result and Search History streams.
  5. Turns any query into a continuous Search Feed

FAROO is the first Web Search App designed for the iPad platform.

The form factor and touch UI, the visual search stream representation, and the combination of Search and News are quite fundamentally changing the search experience.

Try it out and let us know how you like it.