FAROO Search Grid reaches 1.7 million Peers

Our network just reached 1.7 million peers, global distributed across the continents. This is probably the largest p2p web search grid in the world. This land mark also impressively demonstrates the scalability and maturity of FAROOs technology.

The number of connected computers surpasses even those in the datacenters of the biggest search engines.
FAROO Search Grid
Despite the huge number of peers, their global distribution, and the highly dynamic nature of the network, where peers dynamically joining and departing, we are reaching a latency below a second. The searches are fully distributed, without the support of any centralized entity, or any single FAROO owned server or peer involved.

Imagine there are a million volunteers, just waiting to assist you and to answer your questions. They live all over the planet. But you know only a few of them. And now suddenly you have a question, a very urgent one. It has to be answered within one second. And one of your volonteers has the answer, but you don’t know who.

You can’t call them one by one by phone, you even don’t know their number. Or visit them with your private jet, as you don’t know their address. But you can use FAROO, it’s just doing all the magic for you.

FAROO’s search grid is now powered by a combined 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 processor cycles per month. A giant number, right? That’s similar to the number of grains of sand on all the beaches of the planet Earth.

FAROO 3.0 with Next Generation Protocol

There had been some silence on the blog recently. But for a very good reason. All hands have been needed on deck to push forward our most important project so far. During the last months we did a full redesign of our p2p protocol and storage layer. All aimed at higher speed and better efficiency.

Earlier this week when we finished the implementation and updated, it had been really a great moment to see everything working smoothly on the new protocol.

All our performance predictions have come real, and the search latency is truly unique for a such massively distributed and highly dynamic p2p search grid.
target hit
The search speed increased 10 times. The storage efficiency doubled and the storage speed increased ten times. The message size and bandwidth requirements have been reduced to 50%.

Now we are reaching a latency below a second, even if the search results are provided from the second side of the planet. From peers that have been selected in real time from out of million highly dynamic peers, fully distributed, without the support of any centralized entity.

That’s why we decided to kick into next gear and give instant search a try. Now search results will appear instantly while you are still typing in your query.

To benefit from all the improvements you will need to upgrade to the new version. We are still giving final touches, but the new FAROO 3.0 release is imminent.