FAROO introduces Continuous Search

About 40 percent of the searches people make on the Internet are duplicate queries they have made at least once before.

Now FAROO assists in the time consuming task of staying up to date, and alerts you in real time about relevant news. Based on attention data FAROO automatically detects queries with long term relevancy to the user. Opposite of other solutions there is no extra action from the user required.

This serves also as smart discovery search, providing the user automatically with updates in his fields of interest.

Additionally, also a list of currently Hot Topics and related images are displayed. This provides in many cases a good visual feedback of breaking events or topics dominating the news.

Currently we are using Twitter data for update detection and real time search, as our index is not yet comprehensive enough.
But in the long run our own p2p data of all visited web pages will provide even more relevant results.

The new set of features will be available with our next release.