FAROO Redesign

After our previous user interface served us for more than three years, we decided to look for a cleaner, more consistent, more modern (Web 2.0-ish) design.

We tried to remove all non essential level of details, and to focus on search. It’s time to move on from the developer and technology perspective and to give the user experience first priority.

And finally, we integrated the first stage of social search into the new design.

Search page (click to zoom)

Result page (click to zoom)

Previewpage (click to zoom)

While our p2p technology has many advantages, we don’t expect the average user to look into this deeply. In our fast moving times the decision whether he likes our search is made within seconds, rather than by intense evaluation.

We hope that our new design will help to make a good first impression. It will be shipped with the next release.

Let us know what you think.

Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009!

As every year it’s time to hold on for a second, look back to see what have been accomplished, and try an outlook for the next things to come.

2008 has been very intense and successful for us at FAROO.

We significantly enhanced our Peer-to-peer technology

FAROO attracted attention as a promising alternative

We launched the product to a wider audience

We continued to build up the company

  • by strengthening our team
  • and securing the base for our future growth.

While last year we demonstrated the technological feasibility of p2p search, this year we will concentrate on a large scale distribution and indexing, as base for a much broader adaption in the market.

We would like to thank everybody who supported us during that year, our long term friends and the exceptional people we met this year, and we hope that also in 2009 you will be on our side to further explore the future of search.