FAROO at the CHORUS P2P Workshop

FAROO joined the CHORUS P2P Workshop 1P2P4mm, which was colocated with the InfoScale 2008 conference.

This first workshop on peer to peer architectures for multimedia retrieval (1p2p4mm) took place in Vico Equense, Naples, Italy, on June 6 2008. The workshop was arranged by the CHORUS Coordination Action to discuss what challenges must be met and what bottlenecks must be addressed by research and engineering efforts in the near future.

We had a great and intense discussion on the true benefits of p2p for search and on building a joint p2p platform and a better connection between academic and web2.0 communities as possible measures to reach the critical mass (in terms of number of users) and gain traction as a serious alternative approach.

For more information and the position papers of the participants please visit the workshop homepage.