FAROO: The Social Side of Search

FAROO gets exciting new social search network functions.

Combining the two mega trends search and social networks, we try to harness the wisdom of crowds and network effects for search.

Why social search? Because searching today is being alone with your question. There is no conversation at all.
But in the real world you are successful if you are not only silently piling through heaps of documents, but ask your colleges and get hints from your friends.

Many social networks are entertaining. But when it comes to search, recommending and connecting you to people who are working at the same topic at the same time, you are on your own again. Because social networks help you to stay in touch with people you already know, they barely help you finding the right (yet unknown to you) people at the right time.

Why context sensitive search advertising is so successful? Because you are presented the right ads at just the moment when you are interested in a specific topic. Now how it would be, if you were presented not ads, but like-minded people? You got the idea. That’s what FAROO’s social search is all about.

And we reconcile social search AND privacy. Unlock the collective intelligence of a search community of peers without sacrificing your privacy. To use the social features no registration is required. You are using an arbitrary alias or nickname.

We just bring people with same interest together. You can at once communicate with like-minded people, profit from their search experience, follow their discoveries, exchange ideas. But you may decide later if you want to become friends and when to reveal your identity.

FAROO’s Social Search is pure opt-in. It can bring you into conversation. But only if you like.

The social features are in alpha stage yet, but here is a Sneak Peak.


What do you think about it?