FAROO turns to Public Beta

From today the private beta test turns to public. The current release marks a milestone, which allows us to open the beta test to a wider audience.

Thank you very much, beta testers, for your support!

We hope you will help us also in the future to further improve FAROO.
Spread the word!

FAROO – Major Update

We have been busy to further improve the search experience of our p2p web search engine:


Network Visualization
New geographical P2P network visualization at the search page.

Auto Suggest
New Ajax based query auto suggest.

External Sources
External source integration for additional results, if a query can’t be answered from the distributed index.

Active Crawler
New active, community directed crawler. Crawler start points are derived from searches of the FAROO users.

And much more.

Tell us, what you think, and what are you still missing …