DLD08 Conference – Digital, Live, Design

These days the DLD08 Conference – Digital, Live, Design takes place  in Munich.

Chaired by publisher Hubert Burda and investor Joseph Vardi, there are three days packed with panels from a very broad spectrum, but each of them intriguing and inspiring.


We were lucky to be invited to the conference, and we enjoyed discussing und exchanging ideas with likeminded people from all over the world.


Also here in the beautiful, sunny Munich two internet megatrends are omnipresent:  Search and social networks.
Combining both could be the Holy Grail. There are many ways to do it, but probably only few will work out.

After endless experiments the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison once said: We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb. But finally he succeeded.  Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time said Edison.

New active, community directed crawler.

Good results are most important for search. Most valuable raw material is a well filled index.
Of course in the long run the whole internet should be indexed. In the mean time we may improve search result also with a smaller index, if the crawler is exactly indexing the pages, the users are looking for. In this way for the same index size we may improve its efficiency.

This is exactly what our new active, community directed crawler is intended for. Additional to crawling visited pages, FAROO is now able to crawl autonomously.  Crawler start points are derived from visited pages and searches of the FAROO users. If a search returns only few or no results, pages are crawled in real-time and included in the results of that search. While searching the community directed crawler increases the index exactly there where it’s needed. If there are missing results, gaps are instantly closed.

Active crawling increases the index size at faster pace and overcomes the chicken egg problem when crawling only visited pages with relatively few users. By active crawling also passive peers may contribute. Increasing the index becomes independent from browsing activity, in this way also pages get indexed which nobody from the current FAROO community visited before.

The improved efficiency and speed of crawling and indexing will provide you with richer results every day.

FAROO now supports OpenSearch!

The OpenSearch technology allows an easy integration of FAROO into the search bar of your browser or a third party search client.

Browser Search Bar

The OpenSearch Description XML file identifies and describes a search engine.  The OpenSearch “Auto-discovery” signals the presence of a searchplugin link to the user. This Auto-discovery feature is embedded into the FAROO home page and search page.

Now you can search with FAROO right away from the search bar of Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008!

2007 has been very intense and successful for us at FAROO.

Founding of the company, a lot of business plan work, the redesign of the webpage, the development of a new major product version, being selected as one of the TechCrunch40 and the start of the private beta test.

We would like to thank everybody who supported us during that year,
especially our beta testers.

This year we are committed to turn FAROO from a great technology to an even better search engine. With a new community directed crawler we will increase the index size at a much faster pace.
Then expect exciting new social search network functions to come and turning the private beta to public…