Version 2 in progress …

Research for version 2 finished, development in progress.

Here are the features you can expect in the upcoming version:

  • FAROO now scales for a virtually unlimited number of users, documents, words, updates and queries and guarantees also for complex queries and changing peers the top 1000 results in a response time comparable to common search engines.

  • Highly effective distributed data base compression: similar to jpg, divx,mp3 or mpeg only data relevant to the user are stored.
  • Sparse, traffic saving instant indexing, updating and ranking.
  • Improved caching.
  • User definable disk space limit.
  • Incremental indexing: Deletion and updating are  fully supported now.
  • PersonalRank: fully automatic ranking based on user behaviour: social search while full privacy protection.
  • Only one  result per domain: further domain results on demand.
  • Fully anonymized advertising system.

Stay tuned …